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Hara Model Railway Museum open in Yokohama, where Japan's railways started!

A new railway venue has opened in Yokohama, just five minutes' walk from Yokohama Station.
Its collections feature exquisitely reproduced valuable models from around the world and models that run with a roar, all of which are amazing pieces.
An exciting wonderland, the museum gives you a fun close-up feel for railway technology and allows you to travel the world through model railways.

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Ichiban Tetumo ParkIchiban Tetumo ParkIchiban Tetumo Park

Click on individual areas shown in the map of the facilities below to display explanations.

To map of the facilities Entrance Hall First Exhibit Room “ The Essence of Hara Models ” Second Exhibit Room “ Storytelling Models ” & “ Legend of Shangri-La ” Exhibition Promenade “ Nobutaro Hara and Japan's Railway History ” Third Exhibit Room “ Vintage Collection ” Passage “ HO Gauge Models ” Multipurpose Room Exhibit of actual railway nameplates and controllers Model Repair Room Secret of Hara Models, Model Studio Ichiban Tetumo Park Driving Train Experience UGOTETSU Yokohama Diorama Rest Area

Entrance Hall

An elevator from the first floor of the building gives direct access to the world of Hara models revealed as you pass through the entrance.

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First Exhibit Room “ The Essence of Hara Models ”

Here you can find the most representative of all the Hara models. Detailed explanations introduce various episodes in the creation of the models, as well as specific parts.

No.1 Locomotive

This locomotive is the first model Hara created during his childhood and is also the symbol of the museum.

Kongosan Electric Railway No.22 EMU

This legendary train used to run on the Korean Peninsula.

Hakone Tozan Railway Chiki Series (Chiki No.1)

The precision of the woodwork and brass etchings is the attraction of this reproduction.

Orient Express

This beautiful wooden carriage can be seen in all its glory, including the paintings on the ceiling.

“The Train”

This is a phantom train from the early 20th century. This model offers an interesting look at the underside of the passenger car through the glass floor.

Swiss Federal Railways Ae4/7

This model features a reproduction of the Buchli drive transmission system.

Hanshin Electric Railway series 311 EMU (No.313)

The color and shape of this wooden EMU are part of its appeal.

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Second Exhibit Room  “ Storytelling Models ” “ Model building library ”

Storytelling Models

Exhibits are displayed by theme, telling of culture and history of individual eras through Hara's vast collection of models.

As you walk around you can feel the history evoked by the models.

  • 1.Story of Powerful Locomotives
  • 2.Story of High-speed Locomotives
  • 3.Story of Classic Wooden Passenger Cars
  • 4.Story of the Trolley Pole
  • 5.Story of Trains around the World
  • 6.Story of the Beginnings of Railways in Japan
  • 7.Story of Steam Locomotives in the Showa Era (1926-1989)
  • 8.Story of the Development of Domestic Electric Locomotive Production
  • 9.Story of the Blossoming Private Railways
Model building library

This exhibit displays railway vehicle designs drawn by Nobutaro Hara from when he was only an elementary school student through his teens.
Also open to the public are the books from overseas that he read as reference material for model building.
They are available for browsing upon request.

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Exhibition Promenade “ Nobutaro Hara and Japan's Railway History ”

What kinds of railways did Hara see for himself? This exhibit shows a chronology of the achievements of Nobutaro Hara, together with a chronology of the history of railways.

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Third Exhibit Room “ Vintage Collection ” “ Photo Library ”

Vintage Collection

Scenes from Hara's railway journeys are told through models and other items.
Enjoy rare antique toy trains, the first tickets issued for certain trains, and other items Hara has collected.

Photo Library

some scenes from Nobutaro Hara's railway journeys are told through various photographs, models, and more.

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Passage “ HO Gauge Models ”

The walls of the passage feature an exhibition of the HO gauge models owned by Hara. The passage leads through to Ichiban Tetumo Park and gives the impression you are leaving the inside of the building and heading outside.

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Multipurpose Room

This room is for special exhibitions and events. Please check "Event Information" on this site for details.

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Exhibit of actual railway nameplates and controllers

This exhibit shows a small selection from Hara's collection.

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Model Repair Room

This room is located next to the service lines for the Ichiban Tetumo Park. Look through the glass to see repair and other work in action.

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Secret of Hara Models, Model Studio

This exhibit provides easy-to-understand explanations about the technologies used in Hara's models. Look at the explanations through a window designed to resemble that of a carriage from the Orient Express. This is a recreation of the model studio in Hara's own home.

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Ichiban Tetumo Park

This is a large-scale diorama on which gauge one model trains run, including steam and electric locomotives and trolley cars. A viewing platform with seats has been included so that visitors can take in the entire layout, one of the world's largest indoor dioramas.
Enjoy the realistic scenes like those of actual trains running in a town.

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Driving Train Experience UGOTETSU

We offer a train driving experience named "UGOTETSU", in which you can get a taste of what it feels like to be a train driver. You get to operate a model train that has a camera attached to the front car, the footage from which is displayed to you on a ascrean as you control the train.

Driving Train Experience UGOTETSU
Driving Train Experience UGOTETSU
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Yokohama Diorama

This HO gauge layout recreates the scene of Yokohama in the past and the present.

It recreates the cityscape around Yokohama with elements such as the scene around old Yokohama Station (present-day Sakuragicho Station) as well as Bashamichi and Chinatown areas.

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Rest Area

Sit back and relax on the sofas in this area.
Please refrain from eating or drinking inside the museum.

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Overview of Facilities

Name Hara Model Railway Museum
Address 2F Yokohama Mitsui Building, 1-1-2 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa


Approx. 1,700m2 (floor space)


5 min. walk from JR Yokohama Station, 2 min. walk from Shin-Takashima Station on the Minatomirai Line
*Users of the “Mitsui no Repark” parking in the first basement of Yokohama Mitsui Building can receive preferential treatment (discount service).